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Iowa Remote Notary Qualification Training

We're sorry. Iowa Remote Notary Qualification Training is not available for use by notaries in Virginia. If the chosen state is incorrect, you may change your state at the top right of the page.

Our Iowa Online Notary education training is a state-approved course covering online and remote Notary duties and prepares the student to become a commissioned Online Notary in Iowa.

  • Details

    This is a state-required course that satisfies the educational requirement to apply as a remote online Notary in Iowa.

    The course is 90 minutes in length and covers topics like:

    • What is a remotely located individual?
    • How do you register to notarize for remotely located individuals in Iowa?
    • How do you perform a remote notarization for common notarial acts?
    • How do you identify a signer for notarizations using audio-video communication?
    • What are the requirements for keeping an electronic journal?
    • What are the requirements for electronic notarial certificates, and the electronic Notary seal and signature?
  • System Requirements

    We are constantly updating our online courses to include the latest law, information, and best practices. Our online courses are designed to give you the entire educational experience that you need in order to complete and advance your Notary practice.

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