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Depend on superior service and supplies

Avoid the hassle of an expired Notary commission in Virginia. Get your supplies, plus receive helpful how-to's, first-rate service and support you can count on.

How to Renew:

What Our Customers
Are Saying

"Filling out and submitting my application was a breeze. The NNA took care of me, start to finish."

Robert G.

"Your system truly works. I have gotten my commission twice with you guys and it's always been easy."

Ana L.

"I love the NNA! I would be lost without the support I receive from them."

Nikki C.

We help thousands of people a year renew their commission. Let us help you.

Additional Resources

Checklist: Renew as a Virginia Notary Public

State requirements and step-by-step instructions on the VirginiaNotary renewal process.

Notary Public application

Submit your renewal application through the state.

Why Renew Your Virginia Notary Commission with the NNA

It's easier with help from the experts. When you renew your Virginia Notary commission with us, you get step-by-step guidance on the entire renewal process. We'll walk you through Virginia state requirements and support you throughout your full 4-year commission with tools like our live NNA Hotline, a resource thousands of Notaries use for expert guidance.

As a Virginia Notary, you have up to 30 days to renew your commission once it expires. Renew with us on time and get everything you need, including your state-required Notary seal and supplies.

The National Notary Association is not a commissioning authority. You are commissioned by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia.