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February 2015 The National Notary Table of Contents

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February 2015

The National Notary - February 2015

Table of Contents

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Five Trends to Watch in 2015

Kelle Clarke
For more than a decade, America's Notaries have grappled with one change after another. There have been drastic shifts in the economy, significant new laws and regulations as well as major technological developments. And 2015 promises more of the same. The National Notary identified trends affecting Notaries that bear watching in the coming year. Will the mortgage industry bounce back after the worst year since the turn of the century? How will the CFPB’s combined disclosure forms affect signing agents? What is the status of the Signing Professionals Workgroup? What new laws will change how Notaries do their jobs? And what progress will be made toward implementing electronic notarization.


Real-Life Truths For Office Notaries

David Thun
If you became a Notary for your job, you are in an unusual situation: You are accountable to your employer as well as the state that commissioned you. Sometimes those two duties can come into conflict. Experts on workplace behavior, ethics and Notary training provide tips for serving both "bosses" at the same time.


How the Notary Office Has Changed

NNA Staff
Being a Notary today isn't quite what it used to be. What was once a prestigious office charged with complex tasks has evolved into a more limited and often misunderstood role. But while a great many things have changed over the last couple of centuries, you may be surprised at how much the notarial role has stayed the same.


Do It Yourself or Hire Someone Else?

NNA Staff
When you're attempting to build a successful small business, it's essential to keep costs down. But there may come a time when it makes sense to spend a little money on outside help so you can focus on making more money. Business experts and experienced Notary entrepreneurs weigh in on when to pinch, and when to splurge.


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