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April 2015 The National Notary Table of Contents

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April 2015

The National Notary - April 2015

Table of Contents

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The Next Immigration Wave

David Thun
Historically, only a tiny fraction of Notaries have been directly involved in immigration-related matters. Following President Obama’s executive order that drastically reshapes U.S. immigration policy, millions of undocumented residents likely will seek to change their status. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Currently 13 percent of the U.S. population was born somewhere else, and that ratio is growing. Like native-born Americans, they will open bank accounts, purchase homes and vehicles, and more — all of which will increase the need for notarizations. So there is a good chance that most Notaries will cross paths with immigrant signers and have to deal with any number of issues, from unfamiliar IDs to language barriers.


Minimize Your Data Security Risk

Kenya McCullum
Data security has been a hot topic in light of recent hacking scandals. As a Notary, you may think data breaches are something you don't need to worry about. Experts show how small businesses are prime hacker targets and explain how Notary entrepreneurs can protect themselves and their clients.


Getting to Know the New Closing Disclosure

Bill Anderson and Steven Bastian
Coming in August of this year, Notary signing agents will begin to see the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new Closing Disclosure form in loan document packages. The NNA's Notary experts have gone over the new form and provide a detailed, illustrated overview of what it will look like along with explanations for each section.


Introducing Our Honorees for 2015 Notary of the Year

NNA Staff
Each year, the NNA celebrates the accomplishments of a select group of truly special Notaries. They represent the best traditions of the office combined with a commitment to serving their communities. We proudly introduce this year's five outstanding honorees.


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