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October 2014 Table of Contents

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October 2014

The National Notary - October 2014

Table of Contents

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Baby Boomers: The Latest Target of ID Thieves

Michael Lewis
America’s 76.4 million baby boomers have already started hitting retirement age, and according to government statistics, they also are prime targets for identity thieves. As the 50+ generation moves into retirement, they likely will cross paths with Notaries. Ensuring that signers are who they say will be a crucial element in protecting this generation of Americans from fraud — but it won’t be easy.


Understanding the Needs of Lenders Will Win Business

Jeremy Yohe
Regulatory changes for lenders are affecting the entire mortgage industry. Jeremy Yohe of the American Land Title Association explains how the title insurance industry is adapting and what Notaries need to know to thrive.


What to Do if You Become a Victim of Notary Identity Theft

Kelle Clarke
Con artists often seek to steal or forge a Notary’s seal and signature from documents. Now some states are taking action to combat that scam, and there are steps Notaries can take to protect themselves if their tools are forged or stolen.


When ‘Tricks’ or ‘Treats’ Aren’t Fun and Games

David Thun
For children, the phrase “trick or treat” means fun and candy on Halloween — but for Notaries, it means something else entirely. Sometimes shady signers try to “trick” you with a false ID, a phony story or even disguises, or you are offered “treats” such as gratuities, gifts or other items that may or may not be appropriate to accept. The National Notary shares stories from the NNA community about these instances of tricks or treats.


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