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June 2014 Table of Contents

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June 2014

The National Notary - June 2014

Table of Contents

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The Return of Electronic Notarization

Michael Lewis & Kelly Rush
Nearly a decade ago, the promise of notarizing documents without using paper and ink seemed on the verge of being realized. But the recession put the brakes on, and the promise lingered for years. Now, people are taking another look at electronic notarization, and they like what they see. Using the computer and Internet technology can bring the millennia-old duties of the Notary Public in line with the 21st century world. But there’s a long way to go before it becomes an everyday reality for Notaries. The National Notary explores the issues surrounding eNotarization: what it is, how it works, its benefits, the obstacles to adopting it, and, most importantly, what it means to you.


eSigner’s Appearance Before Notary Is Vital

Charles Faerber
Electronic notarization can bring convenience and cost savings, but it still retains all of the essential elements of traditional, paperbased notarizations — especially the personal appearance requirement. Read why.


Family Business: A Look at Notaries Who Work with Their Dads

David Thun
In honor of Father’s Day this month, The National Notary shares the story of two Notary dads who have created winning teams with their children. Succeeding as a Notary takes a special combination of integrity and drive, and these fathers found the perfect partners for their mobile Notary businesses in their children.


The March Fong Eu Achievement Award: JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Kat Garcia
Over the years, the National Notary Association has presented its March Fong Eu Achievement Award to individuals whose efforts have elevated the excellence and professionalism of the Notary Public office. But this year we came across a national effort so unique and compelling that — for the first time ever — we have chosen to honor a business: JPMorgan Chase & Co. Here’s why.


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