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April 2014 Table of Contents

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April 2014

The National Notary - April 2014

Table of Contents

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Transform Yourself

Michael Lewis and Kelle Clarke
It’s no secret that the mortgage market is in the midst of its deepest downturn in 14 years. For Notaries who earn a living from loansigning assignments, that is cause for concern. However, with ample preparation and the right mindset, it doesn’t have to be. For many Notary entrepreneurs, industry downturns can translate into times of transformation and renewed growth opportunities. A number of these entrepreneurs share the lessons they’ve learned in creating thriving small businesses.


Celebrating Moms and Their Families

NNA Staff
With Mother’s Day approaching, we spotlight the stories of Notary moms who share their unique careers with their children.


Background Checks: Truth Vs. Myth

David Thun
In a candid interview, Christopher Ballas, CEO of Backgrounds Online, answers many questions about the annual background screening recommended for signing agents.


How Dodd-Frank Is Affecting Us All

Lew Sichelman
How does a financially solvent borrower with an excellent credit rating and assets to spare get turned down for a mortgage on a home he already owns outright?


Introducing Your 2014 Notary of the Year Honorees

NNA Staff
The National Notary proudly presents five outstanding Notaries, who are dedicated to the highest traditions of the office and commitment to serving their communities.


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