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How do I Find a Notary Public?

If you are a member of the public looking for a Notary that you can trust, there are several resources available:

Use a search engine

Use an online search engine and enter “your town” or your zip code and “Notary Public.”

Use Yelp! Angie’s List or a similar local service provider review site

Yelp! and Angie’s list are good options because the Notaries you find there typically are independent entrepreneurs who are more likely to have the flexibility to meet you at your convenience. Notaries on these sites often have links to their own websites or social media pages where they list their services. You also can look over reviews and ratings. Craigslist is another good option.

Use a Notary Public database

Search for “Find A Notary” in a search engine and several nationwide databases of Notaries will come up. It’s probably a good idea to avoid using the search function — if it exists — for your state’s Secretary of State (who typically regulate Notaries). Those databases list all commissioned Notaries, and most do not advertise their services to the general public.

Go to your photocopy shop, shipping and mailbox store or banks

Many retail photocopy shops and parcel shipping stores have Notaries on staff as an added service to their customers. It’s usually a good idea to call ahead to make sure a staff Notary is available. Banks also have Notaries, but many restrict their services to bank customers only, so again, call ahead.

How do I prepare for the notarization?