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NNA Publishes ‘What Businesses Need to Know About eNotarization’ Report Focused On Efficiency And Cost-Saving

LOS ANGELES - November 01, 2016


eNotarization and Webcam Differences Explained,

Video Demonstrates Webcam Process

The National Notary Association (NNA) has released a white paper titled What Businesses Need To Know About eNotarization: Technology, Trends & Webcams that examines the benefits, legality and challenges surrounding the implementation of eNotarization and webcam notarization systems for business use cases.

“eClosings and eMortgages are taking center stage because they can significantly benefit consumers. As the spotlight gets brighter, conversations about processes like eNotarization have become much more common,” said Chris Sturdivant, NNA Vice President of Business Development. “Considering the complexity of eNotarization, we wrote this white paper to do more than define core concepts and terms. We published this content to help businesses fully understand the trends, any challenges they may encounter and, most importantly, how eNotarization can benefit their day-to-day operations.”

The five steps to a proper notarization are: Require personal appearance, scan over the document, verify the signer’s identity and screen for willingness and awareness, record the journal entry, and complete the notarial certificate. eNotarization replaces the traditional pen and paper with electronic Notary tools. Webcam notarization incorporates audio-visual technology in place of personal appearance and is legal in two states.

The NNA worked with SIGNiX, an e-signature service provider, to create a video demonstration of the technology used to perform webcam notarizations. Go to to read What Businesses Need To Know About eNotarization: Technology, Trends & Webcams and to watch the video illustrating the step-by-step process for Notaries and signers.

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