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The one-stop shop for your Notary supplies

Get the supplies you need for your Massachusetts Notary commission, plus helpful how-to's, first rate service and unlimited support — all in one place.

What Our Customers
Are Saying

"Filling out and submitting my application was a breeze. The NNA took care of me, start to finish."

Robert G.

"Your system truly works. I have gotten my commission twice with you guys and it's always been easy."

Ana L.

"I love the NNA! I would be lost without the support I receive from them."

Nikki C.

We help thousands of people a year become Notaries. Let us help you.

Additional Resources

Checklist: Become a Massachusetts Notary Public

State requirements and step-by-step instructions on the Massachusetts Notary commission process.

Commission application

Complete and send to the state.

Why Become a Massachusetts Notary with the NNA

When you become a Massachusetts Notary with the NNA, you get step-by-step guidance on the entire how-to-become process. We'll walk you through Massachusetts state requirements and support you throughout your entire 7-year Notary commission with helpful tools like our live NNA Hotline, a resource thousands of Notaries use for expert guidance.

Begin the process to become a Massachusetts Notary and get everything you need, including your Notary journal, seal and supplies.

The National Notary Association is not a commissioning authority. You are appointed and commissioned by the Governor of Massachusetts.