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Louisiana Notary Bonds & Insurance

  • Notary Surety Bond

    Protection for the Public

    The state of Louisiana requires every Notary to purchase a $10,000 Surety Bond in order to protect the public financially from the possibility of a negligent mistake or intentional misconduct. As the nation's Notary bond leader, the NNA is ready to issue your state-required bond.

    Get Your Louisiana Notary Bond
    Your Louisiana Notary Bond is:
    • State-required
    • Easy to order


  • Notary Errors & Omissions Insurance

    Protect Yourself from the Unexpected

    Notary E&O Insurance is designed to protect Notaries.  If you make an unintentional mistake or a false claim is filed against you, it could cost you thousands of dollars to defend yourself in a lawsuit simply to prove you acted responsibly. Don't assume you are covered by your employer. With Errors & Omissions Insurance from the NNA you don't have to worry. Why take a chance?

    We recommend you purchase a policy that equals the length of your 5-year, Louisiana Notary Commission term. 

    Why do I need E&O insurance when the state already requires a bond?

    Purchase Louisiana Notary E&O Insurance
    NNA E&O Policies cover, up to your policy coverage amount: 
    • Your legal defense by an expert in Notary Law
    • Your claim, legal fees and court costs 
    • And requires no deductible and no repayment of losses