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August 2015 The National Notary Table of Contents

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August 2015

The National Notary - August 2015

Table of Contents

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Mastering the Closing Disclosure

Michael Lewis
The federal government’s new mortgage Closing Disclosure was the hot topic at NNA 2015 Conference in June. Industry executives and other experts offered their viewpoints and discussed the form in great detail while attendees soaked up every bit of information they could gather. The key message that came out of the event was that NSAs should educate themselves on the Disclosure so they are ready when the industry starts using it.


2015 Notary of the Year: LaQuita Gaskins

Michael Lewis
LaQuita Gaskins lives by a simple philosophy: “The more you receive, the more you have to give back.” It has guided her through a career in the U.S. Army, a second career building a Notary business and the founding of a non-profit, community assistance organization.


5 Sound Practices That Steer You Clear of Lawsuits

NNA Staff
To help you avoid costly errors and lawsuits, we asked veteran Notaries and other experts to weigh in on some of the most common issues that Notaries run into today and offer advice on staying out of trouble.


Stranger Danger: How Real Estate Professionals Avoid the Risks

David Thun
Recent acts of violence against real estate agents have raised awareness of the potential danger of meeting strangers in strange locations — something they share in common with NSAs. The National Notary recently asked several veteran real estate professionals how they minimize the risks they face on a daily basis.


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