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February 2014 Table of Contents

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February 2014

The National Notary - February 2014

Table of Contents

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Inside the CFPB

Kelle Clarke
Barely two-and-a-half years old, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is leaving its mark. Granted sweeping powers, the agency has launched a comprehensive regulatory effort that already is reshaping the trillion-dollar mortgage finance industry. The new rulebooks being written by the CFPB and its partner agencies have led to reformed business practices, new consumer protection measures and vital industry safeguards designed to rebuild trust in the businesses that originate and service mortgages.


Surviving a Market Downturn

Kelle Clarke
Independent entrepreneurs such as NSAs can be especially vulnerable when the market hits a downturn. The National Notary reached out to several signing agents to get their suggestions for surviving and thriving during challenging times.


Getting Ready for Tax Time

David Thun
It’s never too early to start getting your tax return in order. Figuring out how to include income earned from notarizing documents can be very confusing. The IRS provides some helpful guidelines for wading through the confusion.


Tips to Building a Website

Kenya McCullum and Matt Riggleman
Word of mouth is always a good way to get business, but in the 21st century no entrepreneur can truly succeed without a presence on the Internet. Tech experts offer their advice on how to build a website that raises your visibility.


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