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December 2014 Table of Contents

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December 2014

The National Notary - December 2014

Table of Contents

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Customer Service: The Notary Way

Dave Thun
For most jobs, Customer Service simply means pleasing your — but for Notaries, it”s a lot more complicated than that. You must satisfy your clients while strictly adhering to state law, and it can get tricky when the law requires you to tell a signer, “No.” Balancing integrity with customers’ needs is essential for Notary entrepreneurs to prosper. In this article, we talk to several veteran professionals about the practices they”ve found work best to ensure success in their careers.


Preventing Elder Abuse

Lori Hamm
The growing problem of elder financial exploitation often is committed with a Notary as an active, though sometimes unwitting, accomplice. While Notaries are intent on assuring that grandma was physically in their presence and was the person named in the documents, they also should apply the standard of reasonable care in assessing grandma’s ability to knowingly and willingly sign those documents.


Community Involvement And Local Networking

Valerie Barrett
When Valerie Barrett was trying to get her Notary business off the ground during the Great Recession, she found great success combining her passion for community service with savvy business networking. Here is her story.


Industries Under The Microscope

Kelly Rush
Mobile Notaries aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure to comply with a growing list of testing, background screening and other requirements. Professionals throughout the mortgage and housing industries are taking a hard look at their business practices to make sure they’re in line with an unprecedented wave of new regulations, and their clients’ and partners’ expectations.


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