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Oppose Senate Bill 391 Now Or Pay $75 More To File Your Notary Bond

California - April 08, 2013

Dear California Notary,

As part of Senate Bill 391 — the California Homes and Jobs Act of 2013 — Sacramento lawmakers are proposing to charge an additional $75 for recording Notary bonds in the offices of county recorder throughout the state.

If SB 391 is enacted, when you or your employer pays to file your Notary bond as part of your commissioning or re-commissioning process, you’ll be hit by a new $75 fee on top of the fees currently charged by your county recorder.

Becoming a Notary is costly enough. You are required to take education, pay a commissioning fee, submit a passport photo and fingerprints every time you apply, record your bond and oath of office, and purchase a seal, journal and bond. Every time you renew, you pay these costs all over again.

We need your help. Tomorrow, the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee will meet at 1:30 p.m. to consider SB 391. We are asking you to write Senator Mark DeSaulnier, Chair of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, or Senator Ted Gaines, Vice Chair, and let them know that you are opposed to SB 391.


William A. Anderson, Vice President, Best Practices and Legislative Affairs

Kat Garcia
Public Relations Specialist
Direct: (818) 739-4009
Mobile: (818) 299-7250