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National Notary Association Urges Employers Of Notaries To Attend Chicago Seminar On Limiting Risk, Liability

Los Angeles, California - May 06, 2010

LOS ANGELES — In the wake of recent Illinois Appellate Court decisions stating employers of Notaries Public may be putting themselves at risk if they fail to train and supervise their Notary-employees — regardless of what is required by state law — the National Notary Association is urging employers of Notaries to attend a special educational seminar being presented during its upcoming annual conference in Chicago.

“What Every Employer Needs To Know” will be presented at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 17 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago. The presentation is the closing event in a weeklong series of training workshops and seminars being attended by hundreds of Notaries from across the nation. As a public service to the Illinois business community, the NNA is inviting employers to attend the event at no cost.

The presentation is being given by Michael L. Closen, the nation’s leading legal scholar on Notary Public law and practice. Professor Emeritus at Chicago’s famed John Marshall School of Law, former Illinois Notary Public and expert witness in the landmark Vancura v. Katris case, Closen will discuss the lessons that employers can take away from the Appellate Court ruling. Closen will also be presenting points he raised during his Appellate Court testimony in the Vancura case — which is scheduled to be heard by the Illinois Supreme Court on May 18 — along with other important issues of vital importance to Notaries and employers alike.

"Increasingly, employers of Notaries — such as banks, hospitals and business owners — are being sued when their Notary-employees commit errors while performing notarizations, and serious financial injuries result,” said Michael Closen. “Indeed, on May 18, the Illinois Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in one such case that has the potential to become a national landmark in the Notary law field. The National Notary Association conference presentation on June 17 will explore the issues of how and why employers of Notaries are being sued and what can be done to dramatically reduce the risks of such lawsuits."

To obtain more information about the National Notary Association’s 32nd annual conference being held June 14-17 in Chicago, Illinois, visit

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