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NNA Services Expands Insurance Offerings Through

LOS ANGELES - July 14, 2016

NNA Services, LLC has launched, a surety and fidelity bond solution that expands the Company’s insurance offerings for the title and escrow industry. Operated by NNA Services, provides a simple, convenient and cost effective solution for licensing renewals. Backed by more than 50 years of industry experience, and the NNA Insurance Services team, also offers responsive service and ongoing customer support. gives customers step-by-step guidance on the bonding process. The Company constantly monitors changes to each state’s unique licensing requirements making sure clients receive the appropriate bond to renew their license on time.

“For more than half a century, NNA Services has provided surety bonds to real estate and mortgage professionals across the country,” said Chris Sturdivant, the NNA’s Vice President of Business Development. “This extensive experience and unique understanding of the business helps us provide accurate quotes and quick turn-around times for our title and escrow customers.”

Though surety bonds and fidelity bonds are used by companies in a wide range of industries, they’re especially important—and sometimes a legal requirement—to the title industry. Bonding requirements for title and escrow agencies vary state by state. Visit the website to learn about the surety bond requirements in each state where provides service.

About NNA Services, LLC

NNA Services, LLC, is part of the National Notary Group and operates the National Notary Association, NNA Insurance Services, LLC, and the following enterprises: California Notary Association, Trusted Notary,, and The National Notary Group and its companies have served and advocated for nearly 200 million Notaries since 1957, providing wide-ranging educational programs and other services through its live and online learning environments.