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National Notary Association To Present On Notary's Role in Security And Risk Management At Texas Bankers Association Conference

Los Angeles, California - November 01, 2011

LOS ANGELES, November 1, 2011 -- The National Notary Association — the leader in best practices, training, and advocacy for the nation’s 4.8 million Notaries — will present on how Notaries help security managers mitigate risk and ensure legal compliance at the Texas Bankers Association’s 17th Annual Security & Risk Management Conference on November 17.

In a presentation entitled “The Notary As A Fraud Prevention Tool,” Bill Anderson of the National Notary Association and Russell T. Cruzan of IBC Bank will address how understanding the role of the Notary and creating clear notarial procedures can protect the bank and its customers from embezzlement, identity theft, account fraud, and the abuse of robo-signing directives.

“In today’s legal and regulatory environment, understanding what Notaries do and managing them appropriately is vital,” said National Notary Association’s Vice President of Best Practices & eNotarization, Bill Anderson. “This presentation will outline steps that financial institutions can take to ensure their Notary employees become an integral part of their overall security program.”

The presentation is scheduled from 10:45 am. to noon (CST) on November 17 and will be webcast live via streaming video from the Sheraton Gunter Hotel. Online participants will have the opportunity to interact with the presenters via e-mail. The webcast also will be available after the Conference.

For information about the Conference or to register, visit or call 800-462-7295.

About the National Notary Association
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