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October NNA® Hotline Questions
How Do I Record Credible Witness Information In My Journal?
May I Notarize A Foreign Language Document?
May a Notary perform a notarization if the Notary doesn't understand the language the document is printed in?

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Can A Lawyer Subpoena Sections Of My Notary Journal?
May I Notarize A Document That I Translated?
If I translate a document and sign the translator's declaration can I notarize it?

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Beyond the Basics
Beyond the Basics
How To Handle A Notarization Involving An Attorney In Fact
These tips will help when notarizing powers of attorney or the signature of someone acting as attorney in fact for another party.
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Test Your Knowledge
Test Your Knowledge
Quiz: Notarizing For Relatives
What do you do if your spouse, child, parent or other family member asks you for a notarization?‚Äč Take our quiz to test your knowledge.
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Your Community
Ensuring Your Certificate Language Is Compliant
A Guide To Notarizing For Physically Impaired Signers
3 Tips To Help You Renew Your Notary Commission
Is An Expired ID Acceptable For A Notarization?
Association News
Notary Foundation Rallying To Support Mexico City Earthquake Relief
Grassroots Efforts Successful In Stalling CA Anti-Immigration Consultant Bill
Tips For Notaries Dealing With Natural Disasters
Notary Tip: When The Signer Doesn't Match Their ID