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Renew as a Massachusetts Notary

We make renewing your commission simple and worry-free.

Notary Public Renewal in Massachusetts

How to Renew Your Commission

  1. Purchase your supplies: Each supply package includes a stamp for your next commission term. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

  2. Fill out your application: Complete the application that was mailed to you and submit it to the state.

  3. Finish the process: You'll get easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.


Get Started

Depend on superior service and supplies

Avoid the hassle of an expired commission! You can purchase your supplies and get the step-by-step instructions you'll need to renew — all in one place.

You'll also receive helpful how to's, first-rate service and support you can count on throughout your commission.

The NNA is a great organization. They have some of the best Notary supplies on the market.


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Since 1957, we’ve helped MILLIONS to renew as Notaries,
more than any other organization in America.

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