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Since its launch in August 2023, activity on FindaNotary continues to skyrocket. The data speaks for itself!

If you’re not listed, you can’t be found!

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“I’m tryna find out who is doing the SEO for the @nationalnotary because just launched like today or yesterday and I just got a e-notary client! I’m lovin’ it! But no for real….whose doing your SEO lol! 😎😎”

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“ is a game-changer for me! It’s covered its cost for 2 years with 3 appointments!”

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“I have had my profile live on Find A Notary Website for a little over a week and have received a little over $500.00 worth of new business from that website alone. This came from general notary work. AWESOME website so far.”

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Daniel C. Lewis

Don't be left out. Stay listed!

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Get clients while you do you

A savvy mix of marketing tactics helps you maximize your time and money. Stay listed on FindaNotary to maintain your visibility!

  • Traditional marketing methods are costly. It’s impossible to measure the ROI on business cards, print ads, and cold calling.
  • A website requires constant upkeep. When search engines change their algorithms, your ranking can disappear overnight.

Keep FindaNotary part of your marketing strategy