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NNA 's New Trusted Notary Program Helps Banks Achieve Compliance with Mortgage Settlement Regulations

Chatsworth, California - July 31, 2012

The National Notary Association (NNA), the leader in best practices, training, and advocacy for the nation’s community of 4.8 million Notaries, is now offering its Trusted Notary® Compliance Program to financial institutions nationwide. The Program is designed to help banking and mortgage institutions comply with the directives of the National Mortgage Settlement, and the proposed regulations of the OCC and CFPB which are expected to go into effect in early 2013.

The National Mortgage Settlement mandates that all lending institutions ensure that their Notaries are properly trained and that the organizations have sound policies in place to prevent the type of mortgage fraud that occurred during the “Robo-signing”crisis.

“The Trusted Notary® program is a single-source solution that will train Notary employees in the accepted national Notary practices and help mitigate risk for the institution,” said Chris Sturdivant, the NNA’s Director of Corporate Outreach. The Program features five main components:

  • Training - for Notaries and their supervisors to satisfy the mandates of the National Mortgage Settlement, as well as the regulations of the OOC and CFPB.
  • NNA Executive Consultants – a team of experts that have created Notary training, policy and oversight programs for the nation’s largest employers of Notaries, including over half of the largest 100 financial institutions. This facet includes custom-designed Notary compliance solutions built specifically for each organization to support state laws, regulations and best practices.
  • NotaryTracker- a management system that provide an organization oversight of its Notary workforce by ensuring that they are qualified and trained. The system tracks commission expiration dates and training and provides third-party completion records documentation.
  • Notary Hotline– Unlimited over-the-phone guidance for Notary employees with the latest information for all 50 states and U.S. Territories.
  • Centralized Fulfillment– Custom packages to ensure that the Notary staff has the tools they need to comply with state laws, including bonds, training, seals and supplies.

The Program will also provide impact updates with news about new laws, compliance issues and best practices for Notary employees. It is being offered to all financial and mortgage lending institutions in the United States. For more information about how the Program can help ensure compliance with the OCC Servicing Standards, contact Chris Sturdivant, NNA Director of Corporate Outreach at (818) 739-4086, Additional details are also available at:

About the National Notary Association
Established in 1957, the National Notary Association (NNA) is the nation’s foremost professional member organization serving the communities of Notaries in every state. The non-profit NNA is dedicated to educating, serving, and advocating for the 4.8 million Notaries in the U.S. by imparting knowledge and understanding, promoting a positive public perception of the office, and bolstering consumer protection through best practices. The Association’s professional programs, services, and model legislation help Notaries advance their careers and serve the American public with the highest level of professionalism and ethics. To learn more, visit us at