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Notary Stamp Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully to maximize the life of your stamp and to ensure its optimum performance.

Download the stamping instructions in the Acrobat pdf format

Prevent Your Documents from Rejection
The samples below clearly show the differences in acceptable and rejected stamp impressions. Over stamping, or leaving the stamp surface on your document for too long, often results in unclear impressions.

Examples of an accepted and a rejected stamp impression

ACCEPTED by County Clerk
REJECTED by County Clerk

Using Your Stamp
Make sure your document is on a firm, flat surface for stamping. Stamping documents on stacks of paper, files or magazines may produce a legally unacceptable image on your document that may later be rejected (see examples above).

  • Practice using your stamp on scratch paper before notarizing.
  • Place the printing surface of your stamp flatly on your document.
  • Hold your stamp with your thumb and fingers; do not press down with the palm of your hand.
  • Quickly press and release.

The image should CLEARLY show all letters and numbers, the stamp border and the state seal if included.

Cleaning Your Stamp
Apply and remove a piece of clear tape to the raised lettered surface of your stamp to collect dust and dirt. If your stamp includes a removable cover, be sure to replace the cover immediately after using your stamp.

Protecting Your Stamp
Warning: Your stamp is heat sensitive and must be stored at room temperature. Exposing your stamp to heat will cause damage. Keep exposed lettering from sharp surfaces.

ELITE STAMP To Re-Ink Elite Stamps: How to re-ink an Elite Stamp
Elite Stamp Notary Seal 1. Remove stamp handle.
2. Place a few drops of original color ink into the well area.
3. Replace handle. How to re-ink an Elite Stamp
4. Store stamp in upright position after inking.
5. Let your stamp sit overnight.

VALUE & STYLE STAMP To Re-Ink Value & Style Stamps:
Re-inking a Value or Style Stamp 1. Slide the dye box out.
2. Place a few drops of original color ink in each hole of the dye box.
3. Replace dye box. Pacific Blue Style Stamp
4. Let your stamp sit overnight.
5. If impression is unclear, repeat steps 1-4.

Ink Refills for Style, Value and Elite Notary Seal Stamps $6.95
Black – Item #2717
Purple – Item #2704
Includes two 1/4 oz. bottles

Call Toll-Free to Order: 1-800-US NOTARY

Download the stamping instructions in the Acrobat pdf format

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