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California Dominates Hottest Housing Markets for 2017

CALIFORNIA IS PREDICTED to see strong growth in several urban areas this year with more cities listed in the top 50 U.S. real estate markets for 2017 than any other, according to

The real estate website's 2017 Housing Forecast included Los Angeles, Sacramento and Riverside among its top five predicted markets for the upcoming year. All three cities should see sales growth of around 7 percent. Other California cities expected to see strong growth by NAR include San Diego (ranked 15th); Oxnard (22nd); Stockton (28th); Bakersfield (35th); San Francisco (37th) and San Jose (39th).

Notary Signing Agents. who operate in these cities may wish to reach out to contacts and step up marketing efforts to take advantage of upcoming growth in their areas of service.

Other states expected to lead in real estate sales in the coming year include Arizona (Phoenix and Tuscon), Florida (Jacksonville and Orlando), North Carolina (Raleigh) and Oregon (Portland).