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August NNA® Hotline Questions
How Do I Record Credible Witness Information In My Journal?
What Should I Do If I Place My Seal Upside Down?
What happens if I place my Notary seal upside down on a document?

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Can A Lawyer Subpoena Sections Of My Notary Journal?
Can I Notarize A Concealed Weapons Permit?
Is there any restriction for notarizing a signature on a concealed firearms permit?

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Beyond the Basics
Beyond the Basics
Serving Immigrants The Right Way: What Notaries Should Know
Immigrants often come to Notaries for help. Learn what services you are permitted to provide, and which are prohibited by law.
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Test Your Knowledge
Test Your Knowledge
Quiz: All About Acknowledgments
Acknowledgments are the most common notarization requested by signers — but do you know how to perform them properly? Take our quiz and find out.
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Your Community
Dealing With Notary Errors On Government Documents
3 FAQs About Notarizing For 'Representative Signers'
Creating A Successful Mobile Notary Business
Tips When Notarizing For Elderly Signers
Association News
The Most Common Types Of Notarizations
5 Tips When Notarizing For Medical Patients
When To Say 'No' ... And When Refusing A Notarizations Is Not Allowed
A Guide To Notarizing For Prison Inmates