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Steps to become a Notary Signing AgentĀ®

  1. Get your Notary commission

    Get your Notary commission

    Not commissioned yet? Let us help! Already a Notary? Move to step 2.

  2. Choose an NSA package

    Choose an NSA package

    All our packages include an NSA background screening. Passing it will earn you a listing on, where lenders and title companies look for credible NSAs.

  3. Promote yourself as an NSA

    Promote yourself as an NSA

    Polish up your profile on so you can stand out from the crowd.

What's in our certification and online trainings?

Starting out as an NSA can be daunting. Take our "Certification Training and Exam" and our "How to Succeed as an NSA" course to handle loan signings in Michigan like a pro!

  • Get familiar with loan signing fundamentals, including key closing documents and how to prepare for a loan signing.
  • Learn how to protect borrowers’ private information according to industry standards during loan document signings.
  • Find out what contracting companies look for when qualifying an NSA for various assignments.
  • With 9 months of access to our online course, you can go at your own pace and time from wherever you’re comfortable!

What Our Customers
Are Saying

"The NNA has really helped me. They’ve taught me how to be a successful professional Notary Signing Specialist, and they provide me with continuing education."

Kathy Fletcher

"I felt very qualified to go out and do loan signings after my training."

Crystal Whiteside-Lemon

"The NNA made it really easy to just do the training from the comfort of my home."

Bob C.