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Information and Alerts

Important Notary information amid COVID-19

NSA Background Screenings | State Information | Immigration Forms Training

Here at NNA, we are committed to our employees' and our customers' health. We have implemented our emergency business continuity plan and have equipped our employees with the support tools they need to work from home.

Based on newly released federal and state guidelines on COVID-19, we have closed our showroom to foot traffic to protect both your health and that of our employees. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are not open for notarizations, to pick up bonds or seal stamps, or to drop off Certificates of Authorization. Please do call us, because we can still expedite your supplies to you. Our customer care team is ready to take orders and answer questions at 1-800-876-6827, and is open 24/7/365.

Please note: UPS has suspended its service guarantee due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you need to update the shipping method on your order, please call us at 1-800-876-6827 as soon as possible. More information bg-feat-arrow-bl.png

We are working closely with commissioning bodies across the United States to provide you with the latest information related to Notary commissioning. Please check back frequently for updates. Please read the Notary Bulletin for additional information on how Coronavirus may affect your Notary business.

Thank you for choosing the NNA for all of your Notary needs.

Please contact our Customer Support department at 800-876-6827 with any questions or to place an order.

NSA Background Screenings - all states

Many courthouses throughout the country are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, affecting the timeliness of background screening processing. As a result, many background screenings and certifications will be delayed. If you currently have an active background screening with us, we will keep your listing on active through the COVID-19-caused courthouse closures. You should continue to complete any training and exams that you have purchased now, so that your listing will be as current as possible.

State Notary Commission Information

Please read the Notary Bulletin for additional updates.


Notary bonds in California must be filed within 30 days of commissioning. Check with your county clerk/recorder to determine if they are open and alternatives for filing. Follow their instructions to submit your oath of office and bond by certified mail or use other delivery options that provide a receipt. Please give yourself plenty of time to file so that you don't miss your 30-day filing window.

NNA Live training & seminars: All live seminars are cancelled through April 30, 2020. As federal and state guidelines are updated, these dates may change.

We understand that this last-minute change is inconvenient and frustrating, and will do everything we can to ensure you achieve your training goals.

If you’re affected by a cancellation or would like to make different arrangements in advance, you can take advantage of these choices:

  • Reschedule your live seminar to a later date.
  • Take our convenient online course from home. (You will still need to schedule your Notary exam and live scan service at one of our physical locations at a later date.)

To update your training choice, give us a call at 1-800-US-NOTARY (1-800-876-6827) or email us through our Customer Care contact form.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is our priority to do what we can to ensure your health and well-being.


The Illinois Secretary of State Index Department is temporarily closed. During this time, the office will not be accepting mail or processing any work that has already been received. The Secretary will reevaluate the opening of their office and all other Secretary of State offices on March 31, 2020.

New York:

All written exams scheduled through April 3 have been cancelled. Candidates scheduled for these exams will receive notification of the cancellation by email with instructions on how to reschedule.

The following Licensing Services offices will be closed through March 30. Some of the services provided by these offices include assisting customers with license applications and renewals and accepting summonses on behalf of the Department of State.

  • Binghamton
  • Buffalo
  • Hauppauge
  • Manhattan
  • Utica


General operations of the Department of State
Bureau of Elections and Notaries phone: 717-787-5280
Email (best way to reach the Bureau):

The notary examination provider (PearsonVUE) has suspended all testing until April 16. Please check their Coronavirus Update Page for any changes or additions to policies in specific regions and state-specific testing availability.

You can reschedule your exam starting April 16 and beyond, if conditions allow. You have 6 months from the time you are authorized to sit for the examination to successfully pass the test. The Bureau will work with individual notaries to extend testing authorization as warranted.

Oath and recording
Within 45 days of appointment date, Notary bonds and oaths must be filed in the Recorder of Deeds office, and your signature filed in the Prothonotary office in the county where your business office is based.

If the Recorder’s office is closed as ordered by Governor, Secretary of Health, and/or county officials: all notary deadlines will be extended by operation of law to the next business day. Long-term closures will mean long-term extensions of time.

Long term closure: mail your original executed documents to the Recorder of Deeds and a copy of your signature card to the Prothonotary.

If the Recorder’s office is still open but trying to limit public foot traffic: you can take the oath of office before another official authorized to take oaths (any fellow notary public, judge, etc.). Once you’ve taken the oath and it is indicated on the bond form, the Recorder can complete the recording process.

In counties not yet directly limited or directly affected, please allow yourself plenty of time to complete the process.

As with testing, the Department will work with individual notaries to extend deadlines or reappoint notaries as warranted.


As of Monday March 16, 2020, the WA State Department of Licensing Notary/UCC unit will be teleworking per agency direction in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This may continue through April 28, 2020. You should file all applications, especially renewals, online. 

Washington, D.C.:

The Office of Notary Commissions and Authentications (ONCA) is closed through March 31, 2020 due to an emergency declaration. Orientation sessions will not be conducted, nor will any oaths of office be administered during this time.

Authentications for overseas use will not be processed during this time.

Phone calls will not be answered; responses to emails may be limited.

Immigration Forms Training

During the Governor’s stay-at-home order, we are open (remotely) and ready to help. Our Immigration Course sales team is available to take your order or answer your questions at 1-844-855-6761.

Live seminars on How to Prepare Immigration Forms are still scheduled to take place starting on June 26, but could change at any time. Please check back or call us for updates.

Our online How to Prepare Immigration Forms course is available at a discounted rate for you to learn at your own pace, right from your home.