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Loan Signing Agent Certification

Everything you need to know to confidently oversee loan signings in Florida.

Be a Notary Signing Agent in Florida

Let the NNA Help You Grow Your Career as a Signing Agent

  1. Choose the package that's right for you — with or without training.

  2. Complete the industry-recognized background screening and exam to complete your certification.

  3. Once you are certified, update your listing on and begin marketing yourself.


Benefits of our NSA Certification Program:

  • Go at your own pace, on your own time
  • Learn about loan signing fundamentals
  • Get TRID Training (Closing Disclosure)
  • Understand how to protect borrower's privacy and security as part of ALTAs best practices
  • Find out what contracting companies are looking for in an NSA
  • Get a listing on - THE place title companies and signing services look for qualified NSAs.

What is a Notary Signing Agent?

A Notary Signing Agent or NSA is a Notary who has special training to handle loan document signings. Title companies and signing services hire NSAs to deliver loan documents to borrowers, oversee the signing and return the documents.

NSA Testimonial