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What loan signing clients look for in a Notary Signing Agent differs from what the general public wants in a Notary. Here’s how both directories can round out your business.

Who uses it?

Individuals and businesses looking for a local Notary.

Lenders, title companies, and signing services looking to find qualified Notary Signing Agents for loan signings and validate their annual background screening.

Why is a background screening required?

A background screening maintains the integrity and trustworthiness of the FindaNotary directory — ensuring that customers can confidently connect with reputable Notaries. No other Notary-specific directory offers such protection to consumers.

The mortgage industry requires NSAs to undergo an annual background screening to guard borrowers' private financial information.

Which background screening do I need?

The NNA's background screening meets both and requirements — meaning your background screening is good for both.

How do I get listed?

Purchase a FindaNotary directory subscription and complete and turn on your listing. If you have an active NNA background screening, your listing will display. If you do not have an active NNA background screening, you need to purchase and complete the screening process before your listing will show.

Purchase and complete the NNA background screening. Fill out your profile, which will display and be included in the NNA Data Exchange. The screening is available in different NSA packages from the NNA.

How long is the listing good for?

The promotional introductory listing is for six months. After the promotion ends, all listings will be for one year.

All listings are for one year.

Why should I get listed?

To make sure potential customers can find you for their notarial needs. Thousands of people search for a Notary every month, year-round.

Only qualified NSAs are hired by the top lenders and signing services. Your listing helps you establish and sustain your presence in this niche.

Get listed. Get found. Get growing!

Take advantage of to get in front of thousands of people searching for a Notary near them.

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