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NNA Notary Ambassador® Network


The NNA Notary Ambassador® Network brings together dedicated, professional and benevolent Notaries who want to create new relationships and do more for our nationwide community. The professional connections you form through the Network are built on friendship, constructive online discussion and engagement, and by working together on projects that have shared meaning, purpose and goals. Through the use of social networking we will build upon the traditional relationships we establish with others to share our same interests, needs and goals.

Whether your interest is championing state legislation and statutory changes, mentoring new Notaries, or sharing your experiences and knowledge with your colleagues at our annual Conference, the Network will help you improve the American Notary office.

The group administrator is Kat Garcia and the official standards, guidelines, application form and other need-to-know information are outlined below.


NNA Ambassador Standards of Conduct


NNA Ambassadors must:

The NNA Ambassador credential can be denied or revoked if a Notary becomes subject to any sanctions, fines, or punitive actions related to notarial misconduct.



Notary Ambassador

NNA Ambassador
Application Form

If you’d like to join the network, please click here to complete and submit the form. Applications are reviewed quarterly.

Click to Apply


NNA Ambassador Badge


Each year the NNA will update the NNA Ambassador badge to reflect the current calendar year. If you are a current NNA Ambassador and have not yet received your badge, please email Kat Garcia.


ambassador logo watermark

NNA Ambassador Trademark Guidelines


When properly used, the NNA Notary Ambassador® mark represents standards of excellence for Notary practices and demonstrates your commitment to upholding these standards to your customers and peers.

Currently commissioned Notaries who are confirmed members of the National Notary Association’s Ambassador Network are authorized to use the NNA Notary Ambassador® trademark for the designated calendar year.

NNA Ambassadors may use the trademark and badge in communications and marketing materials including business cards, letterhead, advertising, presentation materials, personal promotional literature, signage, email signatures and websites.

Please carefully review the guidelines below. Permission to use the mark can be revoked if you misuse it.

  • The NNA Notary Ambassador® mark must be clearly associated with the person’s name.

Correct Use: Jane Doe, NNA Notary Ambassador®

  • The NNA Notary Ambassador® mark must always appear with the registered trademark symbol: ®. Using (R) after the NNA Notary Ambassador® mark is an acceptable alternative if you are unable to create the registered trademark symbol.

Correct Use: Jane Doe, NNA Notary Ambassador®, or Jane Doe, NNA Notary Ambassador(R)

Incorrect Use: Jane Doe, Notary Ambassador, or Jane Doe, NNA Ambassador™

  • An NNA Ambassador may not use an email address or Internet domain that includes the NNA Notary Ambassador® trademark.

Correct Use:, or

Incorrect Use:,, or, or, or