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Become a Virginia Notary

Trusted by state commissioning authorities since 1957, the NNA is the undisputed leader in serving and educating Virginia Notaries

Become a Notary Public in Virginia

Three Reasons Why More Virginia Notaries Choose the NNA

  1. Commission specialists trained to help answer questions on how to become a Virginia Notary.

  2. Virginia Commissioning Checklist guides you step-by-step.  

  3. Total satisfaction guarantee and value pricing! 

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Let the NNA Help You Become a Virginia Notary

Obtain Your State-Required Seal and Recommended Supplies
The NNA will provide everything you need to become a Notary in Virginia including your official seal stamp, state-recommended journal and supplies. Download step-by-step instructions on how to become a Virginia Notary Public.

Complete Your Virginia Notary Application
To become a Notary in Virginia, you must follow the directions on the Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth website and fully complete the Virginia Notary Public application. Your signature on the application will need to be notarized by a Virginia Notary.

Become a Virginia Notary Public
When you have obtained your commission, scan and email a copy of your Commission Certificate to or fax to 1-800-833-1211.


Let Us Be Your Guide to Becoming a Virginia Notary

The NNA is a great organization. They have some of the best Notary supplies on the market.


Requirements to Become
a Virginia Notary

  • 18 years or older
  • Legal resident of U.S.; resident or employed in VA; non-residents' Notary services must be connected with employment
  • Must be able to read and write English
  • No felony conviction in any state unless rights restored


Since 1957, we’ve helped MILLIONS to renew as Notaries,
more than any other organization in America.

Let us help you with your Virginia Notary CommissionGet Started