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Become a Notary in Pennsylvania

Since 1957 the NNA has been serving the nation's Notaries. Let us help guide you through the process to become a Pennsylvania Notary.

Become a Notary Public in Pennsylvania

Three Reasons Why More Pennsylvania Notaries Choose the NNA

  1. Customized Supply Packages:  We have created Notary supply packages that make becoming a Notary in Pennsylvania fast, easy and worry-free. 

  2. Step-by-Step Commissioning Help: Expert advice on how to become a Notary from our useful Pennsylvania Commissioning Checklist and Pennsylvania commissioning  specialists. 

  3. Pricing and No Sales Tax: We offer competitive pricing and no sales tax for all Pennsylvania supply packages.  Total satisfaction guarantee.

Get Started

Let the NNA Help You Become a Pennsylvania Notary

Obtain your Pennsylvania-required supplies and complete your training
Select one of our supply packages which includes all the state-required supplies you need to start your commission.  Complete your required training with the NNA’s Pennsylvania Notary state-approved training.

Complete your Pennsylvania Notary application
Complete your Pennsylvania Notary Public application and forward it to the NNA with a copy of your Certificate of Training. We'll also review your application for errors and pay your state fee. The NNA will then electronically transmit your application to the state for processing.

Become a Pennsylvania Notary
Download our Pennsylvania Commissioning Checklist which includes all the steps required to become a Pennsylvania Notary.  

Let Us Be Your Guide to Becoming a Pennsylvania Notary

The NNA is a great organization. They have some of the best Notary supplies on the market.


Requirements to Become
a Pennsylvania Notary

  • 18 years of age
  • Resident of, or employed in, the Commonwealth with an actual physical business address rather than a post office box
  • Must read, write and understand English
  • Be of good character, integrity and ability
  • No conviction of, or pled guilty or nolo contendere to, felony or lesser offense incompatible with Notary duties
  • Not had Notary commission revoked in any state in past five years


Since 1957, we’ve helped MILLIONS to renew as Notaries,
more than any other organization in America.

Let us help you with your Pennsylvania Notary CommissionGet Started