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Notary Privacy Guard

Notary Privacy Guard

$10.95 Item # 07320
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This journal accessory ensures privacy. The Notary Privacy Guard® prevents signers from seeing sensitive information and also acts as a page marker in your journal.

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Notary Privacy Guard® is a Notary journal tool that prevents identity theft and mortgage fraud by blocking non-public personal information (NPPI) from prying eyes. Protecting confidential information in your Notary journal is easy with the Notary Privacy Guard. It prevents signers from seeing sensitive information and also acts as a page marker in your journal. The Notary Privacy Guard helps Notaries comply with federal privacy regulations within several professional industries, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the healthcare industry, and the federal Red Flags Rule and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) within the financial industry, among others. Protected by U.S. Patent 7,946,552.

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Without a photo of it in action, it means NOTHING to me. I don't understand what it is, how it works and there is no adequate description or photo of it. Photo of the front cover?????? Worthless
May 03,
People-this is NOT a journal. It is a Privacy Guard, as is clearly stated next to the item. There is nothing 'inside'. It is designed to cover up personal information of previous clients while your new clients sign your journal. It looks far more professional than a piece of paper or cardboard.
March 22, 2015RAMAN.PAWAR.714@GMAIL.COM
This is a privacy shield to cover the filled-in lines of your Notary Journal, so your customers don't see private information about your other clients. It is not a journal. Personally, I would save my money and use a piece of paper or cardboard.
November 10, 2014Tracey Mason
I'm not interested in the cover~I'm interested in the inside of the journal. Especially when I order 3 to 4 journals at a time & each has 500 signers. Give us information on the INSIDE of the journal. I will not order until this information is given.
November 03, 2014Pennye Griffin
It's a nice looking hard cover book. But what's inside? I would like to see what the format of the page looks like. What information is required etc.
November 01, 2014Ray Cote
I agree. How does it work?
October 07, 2014Judy
It would be helpful to know how the privacy guard works.
October 06, 2014Lily
These are professional looking to help keep your image as a professional Notary Public.
September 17,

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