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Bonds & E&O Insurance – What’s the Difference?

Bonds: Protection for the Public

E&O Insurance: Protection for Notaries

A state required bond is not insurance for Notaries.

In many states, every Notary is required to purchase a surety bond to protect the public financially from a Notary’s negligent mistakes or intentional misconduct.

However, a Notary bond does not protect the Notary. If a victim is compensated from the Notary’s bond, the bond company may require the Notary to pay back the loss.

Get your state-required Bond individually or as part of a New or Renewing Notary Supply Package.

A Notary Errors and Omissions (E&O) policy protects the Notary if the Notary’s unintentional act or oversight financially harms the public. 

An E&O policy can provide protection from these and other possible losses and risks:

  • A Notary’s mistake that would have been charged to the bond.
  • A Notary unintentionally violating a law while notarizing.
  • A Notary being named in a lawsuit even if the Notary did nothing wrong.
  • An impostor placing a false seal containing the Notary’s commission information on a document without the Notary’s knowledge.

E&O insurance from the NNA will cover your legal defense and the cost of a settlement or court-ordered damages -- up to the limit of the policy.

There is no deductible and policies are very affordable, starting at just pennies a day.

Purchase Errors and Omissions Insurance individually or as part of a New or Renewing Notary Supply Package.