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Texas Notary Certificates

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CA Acknowledgment, Jurat and Proof of Execution Certificates BundleDetails

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Copy Certification by NotaryDetails

If no other copy certification wording is prescribed, this certificate may be used by Notaries to certify true copies of original documents — if state law so allows. Pad of 100 certificates.

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Jurat with Affiant StatementDetails

This certificate may be used when an individual is signing and swearing (or affirming) that certain written statements are true. Pad of 100 certificates.

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Texas Fee Schedule & FrameDetails

Post the fees you may legally charge. 

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Texas Ordinary Certificate of AcknowledgmentDetails

This “Ordinary Certificate of Acknowledgment,” as prescribed by the Texas Civil Practices and Remedies Code, Section 121.007, may be used when an individual is signing and acknowledging on his or her own behalf. Pad of 100 certificates

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