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Business Notary Supplies

Trusted Notary makes ordering supplies for your organization's Notaries simple and trouble-free. All services and Notary supplies provided are preapproved by your organization to ensure your Notary-employees receive exactly what you authorize and nothing more. The supply packages are customized to comply with state laws and requirements and to meet your organization's compliance needs.

Official Journal of Notarial Acts

The NNA recommends that all Notaries protect themselves by keeping a journal, and that employers similarly protect their organizations by requiring their Notaries to maintain a record of their acts, whether required by law or not. It is one of the most important professional practices a Notary can adopt.

Official Notary Seal Stamp

Virtually every state has some manner of official Notary seal requirements. Most commonly, Notaries are required to affix an inked-seal stamp impression on each document they notarize. The NNA recommends all Notaries use an official seal stamp to secure their official acts and provides state-compliant seal stamps and seal embossers for every state.

Notary Law Primer

NNA Notary Law Primers provide your Notary-employees with at-hand guidance to perform any notarization. Each Primer is a guidebook that explains state laws, procedures and best practices in an easy-to-find format and in easy-to-understand terms. Choose from one of our 29 state specific versions or the U.S. Notary Law Primer which covers all U.S. states and territories.

Notary Bond

Thirty states including the District of Columbia require Notaries to purchase a surety bond. Up to the dollar amount of the bond, the state-licensed surety will reimburse any person financially harmed by the Notary's negligent mistakes or intentional misconduct, if the Notary is unable to do so. The bond is not insurance for the Notary -- it is protection for the public against mistakes and misconduct by the Notary.

Notary Certificate Forms

It is not unusual for your Notaries to be asked to notarize a document where no official certificate wording is included or the certificate wording does not comply with state law. The NNA provides compliant, pre-printed certificates for every state and virtually every type of notarial act. 

Notary Privacy Guard

Notary Privacy Guard 

Notary Privacy Guard® is a new Notary tool that prevents identity theft and mortgage fraud by blocking non-public personal information from prying eyes.  Helps Notaries comply with federal privacy regulations including (HIPPA) in the healthcare industry, and (GLBA) within the financial industry, among other. . 


Contact us to see how the NNA and Trusted Notary can help you to establish or improve your organization's Notary compliance program.

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