Speakers Bureau

The National Notary Association has experts and speakers on staff that can provide interesting and informative presentations for conferences, annual meetings and professional or service groups. Our experts are also available for media interviews.


  • Immigration - the role of Notaries and the difference between a Notary and a “Notario”
  • Elder Fraud – the responsibility of a Notary to help recognize and prevent elder financial abuse
  • Notary Basics – type of documents that require notarization; the different kinds of notarizations; how to locate a Notary in your area
  • Health Care – how Notaries can help protect patient rights; type of notarizations needed in this field
  • Consumer Protection – the responsibility every Notary carries when notarizing a document and why this profession is called the “guarantors of trust”
  • E-signatures/Electronic Notarizations – what it takes to make it happen
  • Robo-signing crisis – what happened, why, how and steps being taken to avoid a recurrence
  • History of Notarization – From Ancient Rome to the role of today’s Notaries and how this has evolved over hundreds of years and is even more important today
  • History of the National Notary Association - its growth and engagement over the past 55 years
  • Notary Education – What you need to know as a Notary, as an employer, or as a client
  • Leadership – methods for motivating and “getting 100%” from your most valuable resource

To request a speaker for your conference or event, please click here and submit the form.

Reporters requesting an interview should contact:

Kat Garcia
Public Relations Specialist

Direct: (818) 739-4125
Main: (800) US NOTARY (1-800-876-6827)

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