Georgia Immigration Assistance
Provider Bond

Georgia statutes define the specific services non-attorney immigration
consultants may perform, and the prerequisites you must meet in
order to register with the state.

As the nation's leading bond provider for the nation's Notaries, the NNA
makes it easy to obtain your state-required performance bond.

$5,000 1-Year Bond
Price: $100

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How to Become an Immigration Consultant in UtahHow to Become an Immigration Assistance Provider in Georgia

Immigration assistance is defined by the state as any service provided to clients for compensation related to immigration matters, not including legal advice or assistance requiring legal analysis, judgment, or interpretation of law. Georgia law requires that Immigration Assistant Providers complete the following to obtain their license:

  • Post a $5,000 performance bond
  • Submit a license application with the Georgia Secretary of State and pay a $40 registration fee.
  • Consent to a criminal background report

What Is The Difference Between A Notary Bond and Immigration Clerical Assistant Bond?What Is The Difference Between A Notary Bond and Immigration Assistance Provider Bond?

Immigration bonds protect the public against errors committed during the immigration consulting process, not those involving notarization. If you are currently a Notary and apply to become an immigration assistance provider, you will be required to post the mandatory immigration bond.

Your Best Source for Your Utah Immigration Consultant BondYour Best Source for Your Georgia Immigration Assistance Provider Bond

The NNA has provided surety bonds and Errors and Omission (E&O) coverage to millions of America's Notaries since 1957. We have the expertise to help to ensure that you're properly equipped to comply with state law as you register to perform your important duties in service to America's immigrant population.



If you are a Georgia Notary working on immigration-related cases — and you are not a licensed Immigration Assistance Provider — offering advice or assistance is considered unauthorized practice of law and can result in harsh penalties, including fees, suspended commission, or even criminal charges. Proper signage and other supplies, not offered by the NNA, may be required for Immigration Assistance Providers in Georgia. Please visit Georgia Secretary of State’s web page for more details.

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