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California Required Notary Classes

Fulfill California’s state requirement for Notary education with any of our three training options. Regardless of what option you choose, you will have a guaranteed exam seat, saving you time and the hassle of having to schedule it on your own.

All Training Options are $199

1-day live seminar + exam

Take a live seminar and exam in one day!
Locations available throughout the state.

Our professionally trained instructors are commissioned Notaries with real-life Notary experience. You'll be able to interact with the instructors and ask questions.

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Enter your ZIP Code to view upcoming seminars

Online course + live 90-minute review before your exam

Complete the training on your own schedule.

The course is designed to ensure you pass the exam on your first try. Interactive lessons and real-world examples make learning simple and effective. Start and stop as you want.

When you're ready, schedule a live 90-minute review and exam at your own convenience.

California Required 6-Hour Notary Online Training — $199
Monday April 17, 2023
Thursday May 18, 2023
Tuesday June 20, 2023