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Pass the NY Notary Public Exam with Confidence

The exam you must take to become a Notary is notoriously difficult – it will test your knowledge of the New York Notary Public License Law. Our exam prep will break things down for you and cover everything you need to know to pass. We guarantee it!

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Prepare for & Pass the New York Notary Exam

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Our exam prep comes with:

  1. Interactive online course:

    • Learn details of the license law and must-know vocabulary terms.
    • Get familiar with the state’s best practices and your Notary duties.
  2. Unlimited practice tests:

    • Structured like the actual exam to prep you for the live experience.
    • Randomized tests help reinforce what you've learned.
  3. Additional study tools:

    • Day-of-Exam Study Aid to help you breeze through 40% of the exam.
    • Exam-Taking Tips to help you manage anxiety before the test, and more!