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Both the Complete and Basic Certification packages include everything you need to renew as an NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent and earn a Top-Tier listing on – the #1 industry resource for hiring and validating background checks and qualifications of NSAs.

Select the Complete package and save more than 30% on some of our most popular Notary Signing Agent supplies.

Packages include the $95 New York State Office of Court Administration fee required for all criminal record searches.

Choose Your Signing Agent Package

Complete NSA Certification

Full Certification with Supplies

Basic NSA Certification

Full Certification

NSA Background Screening Only

Just the Minimum
New York Office of Court Administration Fee*Required by NY for all background checks
Background ScreeningCriminal background check; SSN required
Continuing Education Exam
1-Year Top-Tier Listing
1-Year Priority Listing
NSA Continuing Education Course
Notary Essentials® Training
The Notary Signing Agent’s Loan Documents Sourcebook
Loan Signing Prep Sheets
Signing Agent Log
Notary Signing Agent Exam
*State Required $254 Order Now $194 Order Now $165 Order Now

NNA NSA Certification
NNA NSA certification designation is accomplished by successfully completing the NNA Background Screening and achieving a score of 80% or higher on the NNA Notary Signing Agent Exam. The NSA certification designation will be displayed on for 12 months after the background screening pass date.

Listing on
A listing on gets your name in front of the nation’s leading title and service companies. Title and Service companies search the directory and/or download names and related information into their internal systems. Listings on are presented randomly in the following order: 1) NSA Certified and Trained listings, 2) NSA Certified listings, and 3) Standard listing.  A Certified and Trained listing is achieved by attaining NNA NSA Certification and completion of either the Certified Notary Signing Agent Online Training Course or the NNA NSA Continuing Education Course. A Certified listing is achieved by attaining NNA NSA certification. A Standard listing is achieved by successfully completing the NNA Background Screening.  A listing on is valid for 12 months after the background screening pass date.

Important: NSA certifications and background screenings are available only to residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia, not for customers in U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, United States Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam and Minor Outlying Islands) ​