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NNA Success Summit

Thursday, October 19th

One day, four virtual sessions, and some of the nation's top Notary experts presenting it all with the NNA. You won't get a Notary-packed day like this anywhere else.

Registration is now closed.

Keep your calendars ready and your eyes peeled for upcoming event updates. We've got exciting plans in the pipeline, and we can't wait to share them with you.

The NNA proudly presents the Notary Business Builder team for our Fall Summit.

The Notary Business Builder (NBB) isn’t just your average group of Notary instructors—they’re industry experts with a deep understanding of the Notary space. Over the years, the NBB team has provided invaluable, actionable solutions to Notaries nationwide, helping improve their businesses, Notary skills, and overall success.

What lies ahead for Notaries? How do you keep your business growing? What can you do to keep up with market shifts? Join us alongside the Notary Business Builder team to discover the answers you’ve been looking for.


There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be a Notary. Opportunity Knocks!

Millions of households across the U.S. need notarizations every day. As a mobile Notary and loan signing agent, you have endless options to create the business and lifestyle you've always dreamed of. From trust and estate documents to commercial loans to healthcare to international commerce… your specialty Notary skills are needed! Let’s discuss how to network and get your name out as the go-to Notary for the billions of opportunities out there!

Bill Soroka headshot

Bill Soroka
Chief Dot Connector and Founder,

Beyond the Stamp: A Notary’s Guide to Building Authentic Relationships

Unravel the potential that lies beyond a transactional mindset and learn to embrace transformational relationships that foster genuine connections and create lasting impact. Together, we will ignite a powerful shift, redefining the very essence of your Notary business.

Jen Neitzel headshot

Jen Neitzel
Creator of Marketing4Notaries

Show me the money!

Are you tired of being paid last, only to find scraps or no money left for you? Would you like to make a profit from the first job and then every job?? How about getting paid twice?? Understanding how to develop pricing strategies that are appropriate to the work and allocating the money when it comes in will build a financially healthy and sustainable cash flow to accommodate the changing economy and keep you in the black!

Laura Biewer headshot

Laura Biewer
Founder of & Co-Founder of Notary Business Builder

Marketing Your Notary Business using

Discover how revolutionizes marketing for Notaries and NSAs alike with its smart and easy-to-use platform. Brandon Rosenthal will discuss how you can get listed, get found, and get growing, all while saving time and effort in expanding your Notary business.

Brandon Rosenthal headshot

Brandon Rosenthal
Manager, FindANotary Directory


Attending the sessions

About 48 hours before the event, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link to access the Success Summit. You’ll use that link to access all sessions.

  • If you’ve never used Zoom before, download and install the desktop or mobile app before the event. You'll need to sign into your Zoom account to access the summit
  • When signing in, you may be asked for your name and email. You must use the same first name, last name, and email address you used to register, or the system may not allow you to join.
  • During the sessions, you’ll be able to type in the chat to interact with speakers and participants.
  • At any time, we reserve the right to remove anyone from any session based on our discretion.


All sessions for this event will be recorded and a link will be emailed post-event.

Customer Support

  • For assistance with billing and registration, please call (800) 876-6827.
  • For questions on the day of the event, email us at

Technical Requirements & Issues

Be sure to review Zoom’s system requirements for your device and browser before joining the summit. For technical issues with Zoom, please call the contact number on the sign-in screen.

Our past sessions are now available for purchase.

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To thrive in business, you have to adapt or pivot when market forces change. The NNA Success Summit Series helps enterprising Notaries and Notary Signing Agents stay agile with continuous engagement and exclusive networking opportunities throughout the year.

S3 is for those who are serious about growing and sustaining a lucrative Notary or NSA business. Each one-day summit will feature industry leaders sharing focused, business-building topics including marketing strategies, RON and IPEN information, mortgage and loan industry insights, and unique expansion areas.