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Notary Accessories

Savings on select Notary supplies. Prices as marked. 

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Notary Privacy Guard® ClingDetails

Notary Privacy Guard® Cling

Protecting confidential information in your Notary journal from prying eyes is easy with the Notary Privacy Guard®

Made of a sturdy, lightweight vinyl that lays flat across your journal pages, allowing it to lightly cling to pages for ease of use. Also acts as a page marker in your journal.

Compatible with NNA Journals (Excluding Hawaii).

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Carry-All - Legal SizeDetails

Carry-All - Legal Size

Stay organized with this attractive, full legal-size carry-all.  Made of 600D Polyester, this sturdy, lightweight carry-all is large enough to hold your legal-size file folders, your journal and other Notary supplies. 

Carry-All - Letter Size Details

Carry-All - Letter Size

Keep your Notary essentials organized with this attractive, letter-size carry-all. Made of 600D Polyester, this sturdy, lightweight carry-all is large enough to hold your letter-size file folders, your journal and other Notary supplies. 

Embossment InkerDetails

Embossment Inker

This simple-to-use device applies ink to the raised portion of your embossment, making it photographically reproducible. Makes your embossments legal seals in many states. For use with NNA Seal Embossers.

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Fingerprint Wiping TowelsDetails

Fingerprint Wiping Towels

Remove all traces of fingerprinting ink. 50 premoistened individually wrapped towelettes per pack.

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Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight Details

Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight

The Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight is used to detect counterfeit currency, credit cards, driver licenses and other identifying documents like passports and visas.

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Gold Foil SealsDetails

Gold Foil Seals

Add the classic touch to your notarizations with these permanent gold foil seals. Each seal is 2" diameter. 100 seals per package.

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ID TagDetails

ID Tag

Tag your bag with identification! This ID Tag works perfect with our Carry All, or any other travel bag.

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Loan Signing Prep SheetsDetails

Loan Signing Prep Sheets

Prepares you for an organized, quick signing. 25 sheets per pad.

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NNA Coffee Mug - 16 oz.Details

NNA Coffee Mug - 16 oz.

The stylish, glossy white stoneware mug will hold 16 oz. of your favorite hot or cold beverage. 'Trust me... I'm a Notary' printed on one side, and a full-color NNA logo on the opposite side.

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