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Kim Coles

Kim Coles is an award-winning actress, comedian, and television personality who has captivated audiences with her infectious energy and undeniable talent. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Kim Coles quickly made her mark in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible imprint on small and big screens.

Coles rose to prominence with her breakout role as the lovable and vivacious Synclaire James-Jones on the hit sitcom "Living Single" in the 1990s. Her portrayal of Synclaire, the kooky and quirky character, endeared her to audiences worldwide and showcased her incredible comedic timing and versatility as an actress.

Before her breakthrough role, Coles began her career as a stand-up comedian, honing her skills and captivating audiences with her quick wit and relatable humor. Her comedic talent allowed her to connect with people on a deep level, making her performances not only funny but also heartfelt and inspiring.

In addition to her success on "Living Single," Kim Coles has appeared in numerous television shows and movies, including “Days of Our Lives,” “The Surreal Life” Frasier," "In Living Color," "A Black Lady Sketch Show," and “Jenkins Family Christmas.”

Beyond her on-screen work, Coles has continued to make a significant impact as a speaker, using her platform to empower and inspire others. She has traveled the world, delivering powerful messages of self-love, confidence, and personal growth. Through her uplifting speeches and workshops, she encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and overcome obstacles, inspiring them to live their best lives.

In addition to her acting and motivational work, Kim Coles is also an accomplished author. Through her writing, she shares her experiences, insights, and life lessons and inspires her readers.

"I'm Free, But It Will Cost You" is a humorous memoir that explores her journey of self-discovery in the often wild dating world. She is also The Visionary Author of The “Open Your G.I.F.T.S.” anthology series, leading over 90 authors to bestselling status.

As a Coach, Kim Coles is passionate about guiding entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders on the incredible power of mining their Signature Stories and life lessons to captivate and connect with their customers, clients, and the world. Through her programs, workshops, and 1-1 consulting, Kim helps you to Broadcast Your Brilliance.

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