Notary of the Year Award

Every year the NNA honors Notaries whose exceptional professionalism, ethical conduct and charitable work set a standard we can all aspire to.

Visit our Awards Program page for more details, to see a list of all previous Award recipients, and - if you’d like to nominate someone for the Award - please fill out the nomination form with as much detail as possible.

March Fong Eu Achievement Award

Named in honor of former California Secretary of State March Fong Eu, the Award was conceived in 1979 and presented to Eu that year for her extraordinary leadership in spearheading enactment of progressive Notary reform legislation, despite opposition from powerful lobbies who preferred lower notarial standards.

Today, the March Fong Eu Achievement Award goes to recipients whose efforts led to creation or implementation of a new law, program or policy with a significant beneficial impact on the Notary office. Click here to view a list of all previous Award recipients.