Glen Garrity

Owner, G2 Safeguards

Glen Garrity is a retired 21-year police detective and owner of G2 Safeguards. G2 Safeguards does personalized education seminars on safety topics. In 2008, Glen was part of a group of Newport Beach Detectives that investigated an identity theft ring. The theft ring used fake identifications and stolen credit cards to purchase expensive products at a high-end mall. It is estimated they fraudulently bought over $1.1 million in products and resold them on eBay. The case was eventually solved when store employees were trained to recognize a fake identification. When the next fraudulent purchase was attempted, the suspect was detained. An investigation led to the search of a car, a house, and a business. Eight people were eventually arrested, various counterfeiting machines and stolen property were recovered.

Due to the success of this case, Glen started G2 Safeguards in 2010, to educate others on how to protect themselves. G2 Safeguards seminars evolved from identity theft training into other critical fields like responsible beverage service and active shooter response. Over the past ten years, Glen has taught thousands of people in various industries (hotels, property owners, mortgage, escrow, casinos, healthcare, notary) the needed skills to protect them from fraud. Glen continues to do security work along with his speaking seminars. He lives in Orange County, CA with his wife Karen.

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