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Opening Remarks

Join Tom Heymann, CEO of the National Notary Association, as he kicks off NNA 2020. Available at 9 a.m. PST Monday, June 15 on Facebook


Available at 9 a.m. PST. Schedule subject to change.

Notary Signing Agent Skills

Workshops tailored to grow your Notary Signing Agent skills, business tips and guidance to further understand the industry.

Remote Online Notarization

Learn what remote notarization is, best practices in performing this unique notarization and tools needed to protect yourself and your signer.

Notary Skills

These workshops will empower you to be the best Notary in your community. Not only will you receive guidance on rules and laws, but you will learn the standards of professional care for all Notaries.

Business Skills

These sessions will give you ideas and suggestions for growing your Notary business into a thriving career...presented by speakers who have done just that.

Networking Skills

Successful networking will help you grow your business and influence exponentially but it doesn’t come natural for everyone. Hear stories of Notaries who have built a thriving business by networking in their community.

Monday, June 15Networking Skills

Grow Your Notary Business Through Collaboration

If you want to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams, collaboration is key! Allow your Notary or Signing Agent business to flourish through collaboration with peers.

Laura Biewer
Owner, At Your Service Mobile Notary

Bill Soroka
Founder, Notary Coach

Tuesday, June 16Notary Skills

How To Make Your Notary Business Shine

Whether you are a new Notary looking to launch your business or an experienced one reinventing yourself, in this workshop you will learn how to make your Notary business shine.

Daniel Lewis
Managing Partner, Lewis Notary Services, Inc.

Christine Wissbrun
NOTY Special Honoree 2016, City of Rochester Hills Clerk's Office

Wednesday, June 17Notary Signing Agent Skills

How to Build and Manage Your Signing Agent Business Through Snapdocs

Notary Signing Agents can manage their business and connect with top title companies for signing opportunities through Snapdocs' free digital closing platform.

Nina Mohit
Community Manager

Thursday, June 18Notary Signing Agent Skills

Navigating the Mortgage Industry for Signing Agents

Taught by Mark Wills, this workshop will help you diversify your skills as a Notary Signing Agent to land more assignments and increase your income.

Mark Wills
Owner, Loan Signing System

Friday, June 19Remote Online Notarization

Life as a Remote Online Notary

Curious to learn what life as a Remote Online Notary is like? Go behind the scenes of a remote online Notary’s daily schedule and all the opportunities this new type of notarization brings.

Dushunna Scott
Owner, Lady Scott Enterprices, LLC

Monday, June 22Networking Skills

Social Media and Brand Marketing for Notaries

Marketing your Notary business through social media has a lot of advantages. In this workshop, you’ll learn social media tools and techniques successful Notaries use for their online presence.

Sonita Leak
NOTY Special Honoree 2019, Weddings by Sonita

Tuesday, June 23Remote Online Notarization

Preventing Fraud as a Remote Online Notary

In this workshop, you will learn RON best practices, fraud-fighting tips, and an understanding of legal issues to protect yourself as a remote online notary.

Dushunna Scott
Owner, Lady Scott Enterprices, LLC

Wednesday, June 24Networking Skills

How to Grow Your Notary Business in Your Community

In this workshop, you will discover ways to expand your Notary business in your community. You’ll also receive guidance to develop a strong Notary network and potential income opportunities.

Elaine Wright Harris
President, Trusted Agent Services Group LLC

Wanda Moore
Notary Public Educator, Moore Associates
2020 NNA Special Honoree

Thursday, June 25Notary Signing Agent Skills

How to Get More Assignments as a Signing Agent

Interested in receiving more work as a Notary Signing Agent? Discover how to get in the door of title and escrow companies, mortgage companies or real estate offices.

Anne Fields
Certified Signing Agent, Fields & Associates

NNA 2021 Location Announcement

Join Tom Heymann, President and CEO of the National Notary Association, as he reveals the location for NNA 2021 and announces more workshop content on the way. Available at 9 a.m. PST Friday, June 26 on Facebook

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