Online Notarization Skills Track

6 Core Principles of Online Notarization (Online Notarization Skills)

Virginia’s Electronic Notaries Act of 2011 has provided the legal framework for the growing national adoption of “online notarization” —electronic notarization by means of webcam or audio-video teleconference technology —wherein a signer who is located anywhere in the world can lawfully “appear” online before a Notary Public who is physically located in the state of commissioning. Additionally, Montana, Nevada, Texas, Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota and Michigan have adopted some form of online notarization laws. Come listen to the details around this exciting type of notarization that is sweeping the nation!

  • Learn the core principles of online notarization
  • Examine the security features involved in identifying signers
  • Understand the legal requirements for recording all online notarizations

Tim Reiniger, Director, Timothy Reiniger, LLC

Discovering How Online Notarization Works from (Online Notarization Skills)

Come in and witness the functionality of notarizing documents online, from the company that started it all in Virginia in 2011! In this workshop, you will see how easy it is to perform an online notarization and how this process will improve job possibilities for Notaries everywhere.

  • Learn which states currently allow online notarizations and which states may be approving it soon
  • Understand the process to become an electronic/online Notary
  • Discover the advantages of becoming an electronic/online Notary in your state

Jacqueline Phillips, Training & Education Manager, Notarize

Understanding the Basics of Remote/Webcam Notarization (Online Notarization Skills)

The transition from wet-ink to online notarizations is a reality, and with it, the demand for educating Notaries and customers seems to increase as the notarial field adapts to the implementation of digital platforms. Hear from a remote Notary from Virginia who has started her own remote notarization service.

  • Learn about remote notarization and some of its benefits
  • Understand the challenges you may encounter as an online remote Notary
  • Discover the enhanced security features of online remote notarizations

Jeannie Franks-Belgrave, Owner/President/Remote Notarization Specialist, NotaryNow LLC

Life as a Remote Online Notary: Tips from a Pro (Online Notarization Skills)

What’s the work like for online Notaries? Is it hard to understand the technology? What equipment will I need? Can I make money doing this? Go behind the scenes to see the daily schedule for a remote online Notary and all the opportunities this new type of notarization brings.

  • Learn about the equipment needed to be an online Notary
  • Understand what a work schedule looks like
  • Discover income possibilities working remotely

Dushunna Scott, Owner, Lady Scott Enterprises, LLC

Remote Online Notarization (RON) is the Future – Don’t Get Left Behind (Online Notarization Skills)

See how easy it is to get your documents notarized online in only a few minutes! Watch a demonstration of a remote online notarization by one of the trusted global solution providers, NotaryCam.

  • Learn how a Notary performs a notarization remotely online
  • Discover the additional security features involved in a remote online notarization
  • Examine the tools needed for this type of notarization

Rick Triola, Founder/CEO, NotaryCam

The Future is Here: The Latest on eClosings and Remote Online Notarizations from Amrock (Online Notarization Skills)

In this session, learn about the nationwide eClosing movement which includes In-Person eNotarization (IPEN) and Remote Online Notarization (RON). This workshop will also focus on individual legislative entities’ progress to comply with changing industry and regulatory standards of the future. Hear why lenders are choosing to eClose and what makes Amrock an eClosing industry leader. And finally, discover how you can be a part of the movement!

  • Understand the eClosing movement, from IPEN to RON
  • Hear about the struggles state legislators are having to comply with eClosing demands
  • Discover what makes Amrock an industry leader

Jaclyn Fox, Director of Partner Management, Amrock

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