Business Skills Track

How to Complete Immigration Forms Training (Business Skills) Pre-Conference (additional fee applies)

Grow your business by learning to complete the most used USCIS forms. Expand your client base by offering a service that could help change people’s lives. Taught by a professional instructor, our interactive seminar can help you gain professional skills and knowledge that your clients will depend on.

  • Get hands-on experience with immigration forms, in live practice sessions, including:
    • I-130: Family Petition
    • Application for Permanent Residence (Affidavit of Support)
    • N-400: Application for Citizenship
    • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
  • Discover opportunities for translation, securing necessary documents, submitting forms, making referrals and more.
  • Identify the do’s and don’ts for Notaries serving as Immigration Forms Specialists.

Ben Graber, Seminar Instructor, National Notary Association

Building the Perfect Website for Notaries (Business Skills)

To successfully grow a Notary business in today's market, a web presence on the internet is essential. Fast, secure, reliable, and affordable hosting can make a significant impact on your bottom line! This course, designed specifically for Notaries, will introduce you to a website builder application that's both easy and reliable with free software. Traditional marketing is fine, but a website will vastly expand your market outreach lightning fast.

  • Learn why a website is essential for success as a mobile Notary
  • Discover software available for building your website
  • Hear tips on building an effective Notary website

Elaine Wright Harris, President, Trusted Agent Services Group

Discover the Can’t-Miss Apps for Mobile Notaries (Business Skills)

To operate a successful business in today’s fast-paced global economy, Notaries must understand and embrace technology! This workshop will explore a variety of smartphone (Apple & Android) apps that will enhance not only your mobile Notary businesses but your everyday lives as well. The presentation will also cover apps that protect your personal safety and the pros and cons of both Google Maps and Waze and the concerns of local law enforcement nationwide.

  • Familiarize yourself with the latest in productivity software
  • Learn about special accounting software for Notaries
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of Google Maps and Waze

Donnell Smith, CEO, DS Notaries, LLC

Tech Tools Needed to Succeed as a Mobile Notary (Business Skills)

As a mobile Notary, it is important that you are able to take your office on the road with you. A mobile Notary technology expert will help you discover how to build a successful mobile Notary business. He will discuss specific vendors and brands of products he has used to increase his business.

  • Find out which printers and scanner machines work best for loan signings and scan backs
  • Understand how to maintain a cloud-based filing system for your entire office
  • Learn how to integrate email, customer relationship management (CRM), records management system (RMS) and accounting

Mark Roy, Owner, NotaRoy, LLC

How to Start & Build a General Notary Work Business (Business Skills)

A GNW Notary Business is a business which is open to the general public. This workshop walks you through the proper steps in starting and maintaining a GNW business. You will learn such things as how to determine a good location, what you will need to start your business, invoicing your clients, diversifying services, etc.

  • Discover the benefits of starting your own general Notary work business
  • Understand the steps needed to start a successful business
  • Hear tips on maintaining your business to ensure long-term success

Judith P. Lawrence, Founder/CEO, Center City Notary LLC
Daniel C. Lewis, Managing Partner, Lewis Notary Services, Inc.

Market Your Notary Skills to Unique Facilities (Business Skills)

If you want to expand your market for notarizations and take your Notary business to the next level, there is a growing need at unique facilities. Learn to target jobs in jails, hospitals, nursing homes and more and understand the extra skills needed for these jobs.

  • Learn about the opportunities at these unique facilities
  • Understand the types of notarizations you will need to perform
  • Hear stories of increasing your income as well as performing rewarding Notary work

Laura J. Biewer, Seminar Instructor, National Notary Association

Marketing Plans Made Easy for the Notary Entrepreneur (Business Skills)

Now that you've decided to offer new services to boost your income, how do you get the word out and attract customers? You need a plan...a marketing plan. This workshop demonstrates the steps that are involved in creating a basic and effective plan to market new services.

  • Understand the reasons behind creating a good marketing plan
  • Learn the steps to creating an effective plan
  • Discover the income opportunities as you increase your marketing efforts

Michelle Riley, Owner, Alabama Notary & Process Server, and Notaries for Alabama

Generate More Work Leads Through Networking (Business Skills)

To boost your revenue as a Notary, target and mutual marketing is important. In this workshop, you can hear directly from experienced mobile Notaries/Signing Agents who have established a business presence as a Notary and AARP Facilitator Trainer. In addition, you will hear how being a facilitator can help you establish more networking and job opportunities through AARP.

  • Discover the opportunities through Notary target and mutual marketing
  • Understand what the AARP Fraud Fighter Training Program is and how you can benefit from it
  • Learn the best techniques when networking to increase and make a business presence

Jamie Liggins, President & Owner, Notary Access & Business Services
Brenda Charles-Edwards
, Owner, Black Orchid Notary

Promote Your Notary Business by Serving Distinctive Areas of Your Community (Business Skills)

Creating Notary work in unique areas of your community is essential to taking your business to the next level. This workshop will cover business opportunities like: networking via volunteer work, becoming a successful Apostille agent, and generating media attention for your Notary business.

  • Discover the unique areas of your community that may be underserved by Notaries
  • Understand the different skill sets you could learn to increase your business
  • Hear tips from Notaries who perform this type of work on a daily basis

Jamie Liggins, President & Owner, Notary Access & Business Services
Brenda Charles-Edwards
, Owner, Black Orchid Notary
Crystal Whiteside-Lemon, President & CEO, C & L Mobile Notary Service, LLC
Judith P. Lawrence, Founder/CEO, Center City Notary LLC


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