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Training Available in San Diego

Choose to get your training live or online. Live training also provides the option to get your fingerprinting & photo done on the same day.

live training

Attend a live seminar



   Take Your Training at a Live Seminar

    Click "Select Seminar" to view live Notary seminar options in your area. 

  • Our fast-paced seminars give you a complete
    understanding of all Notary practices and procedures.
  • Select one of over 75 seminars we hold throughout California each month, allowing you to fit your training into your schedule.
  • Our Seminar Instructors are commissioned
    Notaries with real-life Notary experience.
  • We Guarantee you'll Pass the California Notary Exam.

Training Locations: We host Notary training in major cities all over California including: Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento and many more.